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What is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)?

Teeth Whitening, healthy and white teeth are the symbol of beauty and health and have become a very preferred method. One of the most striking points in society is oral and dental beauty. Therefore, it is possible to look more beautiful and healthier with cosmetic applications such as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the colour of the teeth. The colour of tooth enamel changes due to genetic or various reasons. Tooth whitening is the chemical change of chromogens inside the tooth. It is a cosmetic application in which a solution is applied to the problem by using bleaching gels for internal discolouration and external discolouration in the enamel structure. How Is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) Performed? The process starts with tartar cleaning. The stones on the teeth are completely cleaned with a tooth whitening method called polishing. This procedure should be performed by specialised and professional dentists. It is a sensitive procedure. As a result, the substances accumulated on the tooth surface are cleaned and the tooth surface is made smoother. Afterwards, the soft tissues in the teeth (such as cheek, tongue, lips, gums) are isolated with a barrier. Because soft tissues are more sensitive. Therefore, they need to be protected and kept away from chemicals. It is very important at this stage that whitening chemicals do not come into contact with the gums. If the barrier is not applied successfully, it also temporarily whitens the gums. Although it is temporary, it will be useful to be careful as it will be a very unsettling situation for patients. After the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, it is activated with a light. Sessions of 15 - 20 minutes are repeated until sufficient whiteness is reached under the control of the dentist. After the teeth whitening process, the teeth are cleaned by washing with plenty of water. Sessions are repeated under the control of the physician until the desired whiteness is reached and the procedure is renewed if necessary. After the whitening procedure performed in the clinic, a mould containing whitening gel is placed on the teeth for the preservation and continuity of whiteness and its application at home. If whitening is performed under the control of a professional dentist, it does not damage the teeth and tooth enamel. It is not considered as a harmful procedure.