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Filling and Digital Restorative Treatments

Dental filling is a treatment used to restore the function and appearance of teeth that have been damaged by decay or other causes. Dental filling is used in the treatment of all dental problems with tissue and form defects, as well as restoring the function and appearance of teeth that are damaged or broken due to decay or other reasons. Although many filling materials have been used for years, it is among the main goals of dentistry to provide an up-to-date and quality health service by using new materials, new devices and new treatment methods in line with technological developments.
Nowadays, thanks to the possibilities provided by technology, aesthetic restorations can be applied indirectly in a short time without the need for impression process with rapidly developing computer-aided systems. This method has many advantages over composite fillings, also known as white tooth filling. Restorations are aesthetic restorations prepared in tooth colour (composite-ceramic) in teeth with a lot of material loss. This method, which gives similar or even superior aesthetic results to composite fillings, is highly resistant to abrasion. Thanks to the digital workflow, restorations can be made with a material with increased physical and mechanical properties without a long waiting time and an additional laboratory stage.

How Long Does Filling Treatment Take?

Composite filling takes 40-60 minutes depending on the state of the damage in the tooth. In cases where the indirect method is preferred, this period may be prolonged, but there are no major differences between the two methods. The patient can continue his routine life immediately after the treatment and the procedure can be easily completed in a single session.

Does a Dental Filling Have a Lifespan?

As with every treatment, there are many factors that determine the life of the filling treatment. However, the quality of the filling material used ranks high among the reasons affecting the success of the filling. Considering that one of the most important success factors is the experience of the dentist, filling treatment in Denturla is also performed by dentists specialised in their branches. In addition to these, it should not be forgotten that oral hygiene habits, diet and reasons such as clenching teeth are among the factors affecting the life of the dental filling, and problematic fillings should be detected and replaced with regular dentist controls.