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Digital Imaging and X-ray

The method of imaging certain parts of the body through X-rays, which is frequently preferred in the field of radiology, is the answer to the question of what an X-ray is. X-rays have been used for medical imaging purposes for nearly a century, and the developments in the century have helped to increase the image quality without changing the basic principle. Thanks to advances in computer technology, new imaging methods have been obtained by digitising X-rays. Among the most important advantages of the newly developed devices with modern technology, it can be counted that it provides the best result with much less radiation.
In today's dentistry, it has become almost mandatory to routinely take X-rays from each patient with various imaging methods in order to prevent the disease before it occurs or to make early diagnosis and to treat the problem before it goes to advanced stages. Today's technology brings more and more options in the imaging of dental structures. Taking advantage of the developing technology ensures better results from the treatments. Panoramic X-ray application, which enables the visualisation of teeth, jaw bones and pathological formations in the jaw bones in a single film developed for this purpose; It is one of the important application methods used to obtain effective results in dental treatments. Panoramic X-ray is a type of film that shows the upper and lower jaw quite successfully. The most important feature is that it reveals all invisible details to the physician and helps correct diagnosis and treatment. In addition, if there is an existing or suspected cyst, tumour, impacted tooth, caries, etc. or if a surgical procedure such as an implant is planned and the amount of bone is desired to be seen, it is necessary to take a panoramic x-ray. In addition, this x-ray is also needed to determine the area where the lower jaw nerve passes before surgical procedures. Panoramic X-ray is an advantageous imaging method that makes it possible to take images in patients who have difficulty opening their mouth, as well as details that cannot be obtained in many other methods can be observed in this way.
Denturla uses the Orthophos XG3 (Dentsply Sirona) system, which is one of the devices accepted worldwide. Thus, panoramic X-rays are taken in our clinic and there is no need to refer our patients to other imaging centres.